Curve4 COMPLETE Includes all of the capabilities of Curve4 VERIFY and Curve4 CALIBRATE, and adds the ability to … 

  • Quickly re-calibrate with a small reCal target.
  • Eliminate the cost of a second press run.
  • Post-calibrate characterization data for virtually-perfect G7-compliant profiles.
  • Reduce the effects of uneven printing in characterization data.
  • Average characterization data from multiple prints and/or mixed target types.
  • Adjust the white point of characterization data by the SCCA method.
  • Adjust the black point of characterization data to improve profiles of uncoated or matte stock.
  • Generate new targets from an initial target, e.g. export an IT8.7/4 data set from a TC1617.

Curve4 COMPLETE包括Curve4 VERIFY和Curve4 CALIBRATE的所有功能,并增加了功能 …

  • 使用小的reCal目标快速重新校准。
  • 消除第二次印刷运行的成本。
  • 对几乎完美的G7兼容配置文件进行后校准特征数据。
  • 减少特征数据中不均匀打印的影响。
  • 来自多个印刷品和/或混合目标类型的平均特征数据。
  • 通过SCCA方法调整特征数据的白点。
  • 调整特征数据的黑点以改善未涂层或无光泽材料的轮廓。
  • 从初始目标生成新目标,例如从TC1617导出IT8.7 / 4数据集。

Curve4-Curve4 COMPLETE

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